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California Heirloom Tomato Plants: We are a small family business that have been growing vegetable transplants for over 27 years. Here in California, there are some of the greatest of growing conditions in the world . We take pride in growing our plants. Our Heirloom Tomato Plants are grown in plugs. This ensures zero plant shock.
Our plug trays are specially designed to FORCE the root down to establish a hearty root system, which is the core life of transplants. Our Transplants have zero plant shock, harder root systems and will give you an abundant amount of flavorful Heirloom Tomatoes at harvest.


(I realize I'm breaking tomato-raising etiquette here by not complimenting results.)  I just got my plants yesterday and was VERY impressed with the shipping and containerization of the order. I call THAT good results already so I know the crops will be as well! Thanks!

Craig H.  -- West Covina, CA

Hi David,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for sending me tomato plants that yielded the most beautiful and delicious tomatoes I've ever grown! I've attached some photos of the plants that are 6-feet plus in height and tomatoes that would win any contest here in Massachusetts.

Best regards,

Clayton Ryan

Purchased four plants last spring. I didn't find this site until later than expected and as a result, they were the last plants "in the ground". I soon discovered that these plants were outgrowing all the other tomatoes in the garden and the fruit they produced exceeded all my expectations. I'm looking forward to another purchase this spring. Thank you very much!"

Jeff Sperber

I have grown your heirloom tomatoes for the past 2 years and always have a bumper crop. Everyone loves the salsa I make from the luscious harvest. The plants are strong and much healthier than anything I’ve ever brought home from a big box garden center!”
– Holly in Nebraska


"As a person who has purchased at least 15 plants and 6 varieties over the last couple years alone, I LOVE YOUR HEIRLOOM TOMATOES,  The plants are ALWAYS alive, healthy and grow quickly and produce a lot of tomatoes.  The flavor of these tomatoes is just so much better than anything I have ever found in the store or even on any of the hundred or so farms and farm stands in the area.  THANK YOU!!!!  I will be back again this year, early."


"I have ordered from this company for two years now and both shipments
arrived with healthy, good sized plants. Tomatoes like these, if you
can find them, are expensive in stores and it is not difficult to grow
your own. I purchased a half dozen varieties and planted them in
containers in full sun. These tomatoes have a taste that is difficult
to describe, except to say that you will finally know what a real
tomato is supposed to taste like."
-Patricia Dabbs, Williamson, Georgia


"Thanks for the link.  Your plants were some of the best I have grown.  Unfortunately, the deer felt the same way :-)  I will be ordering again within a few months.  Any chance you will be adding black cherry to your plants at some time?"
-Dave C
, San Diego

"We bought a number of varieties of heirloom tomatoes from David and were very pleased with the plants.  They arrived in Maryland in great shape
and quickly started growing in their new pots on our deck.  We got some
delicious tomatoes all summer (from the different varieties).  My one
complaint is that the local squirrels liked the tomatoes as much as we did!"

-David L. Rockville, MD

"This 'old lady' only has 2 words for you: YOU ROCK!"
Thanks, -Carla


David, thank you for the update, I will as always be sending you an order this year. Your plants always arrive large, healthy and when they fruit, wow... what can I say, your plants are the best. Once again thanks for the update
-Dominic Femia

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